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“Jog-A-Dog” for Weight Loss and Fitness

Chicago Animal Rehab offers weight loss and fitness with our “JOG-A-DOG” land treadmill. Treadmills provide numerous benefits beyond what can normally be achieved from walking or even running a dog. Walking your dog outside is a great exercise for you and your dog, however most dog walks consist of walking for a few feet, stop and sniff, then repeat! It is just not consistent enough. The incline of the “JOG A DOG” treadmill provides the resistance needed to develop strength and muscle and provides an excellent cardiovascular workout. Along with walking your dog, playing Frisbee or fetch, the treadmill is an additional exercise that, when added to an existing regimen will insure your dog uses all its muscles and is in peak physical condition. Regardless of inclement weather “JOG A DOG” allows you to adhere to a strict, controlled and consistent regimen!

To be eligible, all dogs need to be current on an annual exam from a Chicago Animal Rehab or LePar Animal Hospital veterinarian. This service will be available to all dogs on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays staying at Pawsitively Heaven, either for daycare or boarding, or by scheduling an appointment through LePar Animal Hospital or Chicago Animal Rehab. Sessions are $20 each or 6 for $90($15 each) and will last for 15 minutes. The intensity level will vary, depending on your pets’ fitness level.

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